Brannue Life


Brannue Life lacks nice drops and good bass that is commonly most enjoyed in EDM style songs, without the key drops it anticipation build up. While they’re still fun to listen to I would say they did not make the best EDM song in the world.

They don’t lack potential though. If Brannue were to work on their spins, use some drops and anticipate more of a beat, they will have a much better shot and making it in the EDM scene.

The EDM scene has blown up tremendously in the last few years and being mediocre will not get a group any screen time or any gigs. If Brannue wants to make something of themselves, they will definitely need to work on it. It will show if they work hard and try their best. I wish them the best of luck because I do believe they can get something going.


By: Michelle Lopez

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