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I think it’s safe to say Tony Lucca is someone The Voice got right. While lacking international superstars of staying power like American Idol in its heyday, Lucca, the second runner-up of season two, is known for touring with the likes of Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, and Marc Anthony. Not a bad job to say the least. And yes, he was a successful indie artist before breaking onto our television screens in the 2000’s, and yes, that was him in the Mickey Mouse Club with Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling. The singer’s 12-track self-titled album has found coverage on Yahoo and other outlets, showing that while his time on The Voice is long over, talent truly trumps television politics.

Lucca is a touch of Emerson Hart with the confidence of Eric Hutchinson, you don’t need a drink to have fun as Lucca comes out the gate strong with “Old Girl,” a soulful rock n’ roll thumper putting the artist’s range on display. His swagger is so on point in “My Confession,” a sexy and seductive track that uses a simple 4/4 percussion pattern with attitude and belongs on any Levi’s jeans commercial. “You’re the lies I never told/ You’re the soul I never sold,” he sings, relaying a girl to a greatly kept secret. He is unafraid to go from seductive to sensual on “Delilah,” where his cool factor is on overdrive against a slightly darker and edgier beat. Lucca has his bite, too.

“Imagination” has the listener envious of just “another night in California” with this groove-driven tale of hanging with a babe after hours. . He has husband duties of devoting a song to his wife with this catchy track. What makes this song even cooler is it sounds like it’d be played at a blues club while trying to entice said girl. Finally, “North Star” has Lucca at his most emotionally exposed, a piano-driven ballad in which he sings “without you you know I’d be nothing.” In less experienced hands it’d feel pedestrian, but Lucca’s vocal power is the deciding factor. While it slows things down a bit, we feel connected to the songwriter most here as we contemplate along with him. Lucca is a natural writer, conveying expertly written poetry over amazing production. And if love ain’t your thing, worry not. The bass-heavy “Never Make It Out Alive” brings Lucca’s raciness back center stage.

The acoustic “Smoke ‘Em” takes you back down from Mars as Lucca reflects sanguinely, painting a picture of catching his breath while running these laps yet “smoking them while having them.” Life is short and we all could use the occasional “drag” to feel good. “Right On Time” can be used on any rom-com, noting the aptness of fate and love found when the stars align.

Reality show singing competitions get it right with Tony Lucca. While not necessarily the proverbial rock star and drawing buzz prior to his Voice tenure, talent wins over glitz in this honest record of love and longing while maintaining a keen sense of fun and edge.

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by Erman Baradi

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