Wolf Pakk – Swerve


Wolf Pakk’s “Swerve” is simply stunning. Every sound is immaculate and perfectly produced. Punchlines and jokes abound within the song. At times there are so many and they move so quickly that it is impossible to pick up on them with the first listen. Upon multiple listens the cleverness of the piece begins to fully take hold. Additionally, the song is catchy enough in its own right to warrant repeat listens. Overall this is exactly the sort of comedy, a skewering of pop culture references that many artists try to achieve. Wolf Pakk makes it seem effortless.

“Swerve” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bjk_DjFPKOU

Texting and driving happens first. From here the song begins to become increasingly more chaotic. Wolf Pakk uses this sense of chaos to punctuate his delivery. For example, he uses a hysterically specific description for an emoji, letting it highlight the absurdity of the power of an emoji to cover a vast amount of ground. Even his lyrics describing the mundane have a certain level of clarity to them as he manages to take in an entire pop culture that expands into the infinite. A nice nod is given to the Fast and Furious franchise in a wonderful play on words. On the latter half of the track the references speed by, like hearing Lorde’s famous song reinterpreted.

Swerve ends almost too quickly. Packed to the brim full of keen observation on culture, it is a playful critique of the ridiculousness of the information stream people have to process each and every day.


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