Nick DeStefano – We Seek Higher Ground


Nick DeStefano is a singer/songwriter from NJ who performs with his band The Spiders at local bars in North Jersey. He has performed all over North America. He has appeared on MTV with videos he shot with Faces In The Crowd & Y Fly 2 London. He signed a publishing deal with Grammy award winning Valentino Music. He is proud to release his new song “We Seek Higher Ground.” The song is about what it feels like to be a flood victim.

The track is harmonically solid with vocals that dominate the whole thing, but the backing track is equally amazing. Both elements work with equal strength as they battle way against each other without losing any appeal as the vocals pine for a dryer land after flood damage. You feel the experience of it all as the song builds and delivers the message across with some haunting layered acoustic guitars that completely make the arrangement complex and interesting. For everything to be evaluated, the only thing it begs for is more lyrical content, as the chorus, although as repetitive as any, could use another verse to further nail the message across. This is not a bad thing it just calls for more of what is already a good thing on “We Seek Higher Ground.” And although it is being described as different than anything on the radio, it’s completely accessible nevertheless, and an overall very pleasing song.


Cory Frye

Score: 7/10

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