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Aptly named, Spinn’s “City Country” displays a true talent in updating country music, to show how geography no longer limits its appeal. For a long time country music has been a particular style of music heavily associated with the south and the west. On “City Country” Spinn sings of both New Jersey and the South, showing how those different worlds deeply relate to each other. Indeed the two have become one of the same as the mindset is what drivers the philosophy, not one’s upbringing. With a crisp clean sound they are full of vibrant energy.

Opening up with the title track “City Country” with lyrics like “Northern Roots and Southern Dreams” Spinn is able to show off their interest in both worlds. The music itself is very country with an incredibly addictive rhythm that persists without stopping. Small touches give the sound a bigger feel whether it is the organ, a guitar lick, or the breakdown towards the final third of the song. It is by far the highlight of the collection. For “My Summertime” Spinn sprawls out a bit, letting the song take on a quiet Sunday afternoon feeling. “Last Call” opts for a frantic energy that burns through its duration. Ending off with “Diana” Spinn chooses to find the middle ground between its raging energy and dreamy qualities.

“City Country” is an absolute blast of a collection. Spinn shows how country music can evolve to become limitless, without geography holding it down. Country music can be for everyone as Spinn so clearly shows.


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