As a student, you always have to operate on a budget. You will have lots of documentation that you need to go through on a daily basis and the cost of printing and photocopying can begin to add up and cause you unnecessary stress.

Group work is unavoidable as sometimes your project papers rely on contributions from other students. You also cannot afford to lose your work as this will make you fall behind in your course work and could get you into trouble.

With Cloud Backup Robot, you can take advantage of cloud computing and make it your main medium of learning. With Cloud Backup Robot:

•You can make automatic backups of your work
•It’s affordable and has 3 versions that cater to your budget needs
•It allows for recovery of your work

Below are the benefits you will experience when you start using Cloud Backup Robot to back up your data to the cloud:

1. Eliminate the need for hardware storage
You do not need to carry around CDs, flash disks and external hard drives. Hardware storage can easily be lost or damaged. Storing your precious material in the cloud will save you such inconveniences.

2. Easy access your work via mobile devices
You can even view your work using your phone or tablet. You can store your lesson plans, presentations, research work, eBooks, photos, music and applications online and access it any time.

3. More time for your studies
Cloud storage frees up valuable time for you. You will not need to spend time printing, writing, photocopying. You can redirect this time to your studies

4. You’ll never lose your homework
When you create your cloud account, you protect it with a password only known by you. For this reason, other people with malicious intent cannot access it.
If you’re desktop computer or laptop crashes, your content will still be safely stored in the cloud.
You can also recover your work with recovery software that is included when you buy the Cloud Backup Robot.

5. Easy transfer of information
You can share content that you have stored in the cloud without needing to burn CDs or use any storage hardware.

6. Use the cloud as a learning medium
Your teacher can convene lessons with you online and help you with your studies. You can even do your tests and your teacher will mark and critique your work. This creates a more efficient school system and encourages more interaction between you and your teachers.

7. Track changes made in documents
If you have been working on an assignment and have revised your work several times, you save your work in multiple versions. Should you ever need the old work back, every revision will be available to you.

8. Easier to do group work
You and members of your study group do not need to meet up physically to work on projects, assignments or even to study together.
The Cloud allows many users to work on and edit documents at the same time. Sharing and transfer of ideas becomes easy and effortless.
Your teachers can also participate and even take advantage of the cloud as a teaching medium.

9. No need for storage cabinets
School work can pile up and take a lot of your space. With cloud computing, you will never need to file your work in hard copy.

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