Sarantos – Close Your Eyes


“Close Your Eyes” is a gentle lullaby perfect for late-night listening after a difficult day. Tempos are considerably slowed down from his previous works. Reassuring in tone and reassuring lyrically the song becomes a mantra for those suffering from long endless days. His voice serves as the focal point for the piece. Extended into a near-drone, his low-register voice works particularly well in creating an overall sense of calm. By treating his voice with these effects he is able to switch between traditional lyrical delivery and transforming his voice into an entirely new instrument. Such a range allows the song to work in terms of sweetness and in quiet contemplation.

Sarantos “Close Your Eyes”

Beginning with whispered tones, the song hovers as his voice ebbs and flows with the piece. A subtle melodic structure gathers itself together with the help of a simple rhythm. The percussive elements are kept to the absolute essentials. Stripped down the song is able to offer a precise focus on Sarantos’s lyrical content. Allowing himself to address all potential listeners the song has an all-inclusive, universal feeling to it. Repetition and gradual change let the piece feel as if it is structured around emotional development more than a more traditional musical structure. Quietly the development seems to mirror the mantras of the song, of devotion. Sarantos uses his lyrics to address all listeners directly by letting his voice become the aural equivalent of a warm hug.

For the final moments of the song the percussive elements fade away focusing completely on the melody and Sarantos’s comforting delivery.

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