Julie Diano – Who Do You Think I Am

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“Who Do You Think I Am” is a lovely song that displays the best of pop’s universal appeal. Julie Diano’s voice is quite affectionate. Accompanying her is a pianist who sounds completely attuned to her lyrical nuances. Everything feels balanced within the particular piece. Kept tasteful the piece is stripped down to the absolute essentials.

‘Who Do You Think I Am” Acoustic

Her delivery is poetic. Imagery from nature is used as a metaphor for her own emotional state. The colors from her words come to form a picture. Sparse piano works in her favor as well allowing her to take the necessary pauses intended to increase tension. Melodically the pieces works well as the piano hits every right pitch, from the darker depths to the light touches to punctuate her thoughts. Her honest lyrics are tender as the song moves into tender territory. Yet within this sense of beauty there is a pang of hurt hence the song’s continuing question. Her words always circle back to that very question as if to challenge, to genuinely wonder what sort of perceptions and dynamics have been created within the relationship. Her restraint throughout the piece is admirable. Fragile in nature the song accurately embodies the delicate nature of a relationship and the many difficulties that arise over the course of any relationship.

Together Julie Diano and the piano play off of each other to create a captivating piece. Julie Diano explores a quiet kind of beauty on “Who Do You Think I Am”.


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