Glen Conway Naylor – A Paris August Moon


“A Paris August Moon” reveals a warped jazz sensibility that recalls the best of Angelo Badalamenti’s work. With a night vibe to it there is a darkness that informs much of the song. From the vocals to the shadowy instruments things hide in the background. The song is full of love, the kind of love that attaches itself to a specific place. Synthesizer, accordion, piano, and saxophone come together to create a unified tapestry of sound. Of course what serves as the heart of the piece are the prominent vocals which take center stage. Vocals are the right amount of expressive and mysterious.

Glen Conway Naylor “A Paris August Moon”

Opening up with a flourish from the saxophone the rest of the instruments slowly filter their way to the forefront. Everything tampers off to reveal her voice which rules over the entire song. Her lyrics have a nostalgic tinge to them. Left longing the piece seems to yearn for a time that has since passed, for a time that she hopes will someday return. The saxophone itself here is treated akin to that of a supporting vocalist. By letting it act as a counterbalance, the saxophone seems to express everything that her lyrics leave unsaid. Merging the two together creates a nimble wistful piece. Melodically the piece references its own title with little phrases that recall French history and French culture.

Finely attuned to its past while pining for a better future Glen Conway Naylor’s “A Paris August Moon” is a wonderful piece.

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