Hailing from the city of Houston comes the “Immortal” BiNG who’s bringin’ it all the way and comin’ at you hard. Hip-hop music is running through his blood as BiNG has been rappin’ since the 90s and recording tracks since 2007. 99 rap songs on the brain and Beyonce is the one he’d like to perform with the most out of any artist. Not all music 24/7 as BiNG is a BIG Science guy and a fan of African & Chinese cultures. BANG BANG BiNG IS HERE!

J Rae: So what’s the meaning behind the name BING and how did you originally come up with that?

BiNG: Bing it G BiNG it… It is coming at you.

J Rae: So I saw that you’ve been involved with hip-hop for over 15 years now and recording for seven, so what got you interested in pursuing this?

BiNG: If Lil Keke can do it so can I and my songs are better; just sorry production.

J Rae: You were born in Louisiana but have called Houston home for quite some time now. What are some major differences between the two areas especially in terms of the hip-hop scene?

BiNG: I have no idea about the Louisiana hip-hop scene. Last they asked for Screw then Watts. When I lived in Louisiana we were listening to country.

J Rae: As a rapper who would you love to open for live that would just make your day?

BiNG: Beyonce

J Rae: As a fan of rap and mainly old-school hip-hop, I have to say that I am extremely disappointed with the current state of the mainstream hip-hop scene. When you have someone like Iggy Azalea representing the genre something seems very wrong with that picture. To me it’s hip-hop/rap on life support and it’s HIP-POP! What are your thoughts on this and why do you think the style & quality has changed so much over time?

BiNG: We listened to hip-hop from its inception and today they call a 1999 artist old-school. The struggle has been different and the influence started with maybe… damn I do not know who was hot in 2000. Nelly maybe? But you are right “I got baking soda” is one of the worst insults to the Black community. Genius huh? We’ll see.

J Rae: So besides music what do you do for fun in Houston?

BiNG: I am a science head and cultural enthusiast so I am online reading the 1960’s science that is coming out today. I love African culture and Chinese culture.

J RAE: So who is your favorite rapper of all time and favorite rap group and why?

BiNG: 2Pac is my solo guy and Public Enemy is my favorite group. I want to rap like 2Pac because we are close mentally but you know the fingers start pointing and calling you fake so I had to come up with my own style but I am moving towards the Pac lyrically. Public Enemy was just so cool to me as a child. “Fight the powers that be”. Yea I loved that!

J Rae: You got some hot tracks online at Reverbnation that people can listen to but curious if any of your music is for sale and if so where can you find this?

BiNG: You can buy them on or Some music is on Spotify but I have not looked it up. Reverb’s distribution is not clear so next I should get on The Beat I think it is through reverb that promises Spotify placement and three other major streaming services. Oh, I have not downloaded Spotify yet so maybe it is me.

J RAE: Any plans of making an EP or album in the near future?

BiNG: WOW, I could but I am not feeling the studio quality and mostly it is me. I do not let anyone mix my songs because of trust issues so what you hear excluding Party and Heat is just a mic and me. If people would buy it sure but I am not getting a buzz.

J Rae: Do you currently play live shows locally and if so what is that environment like?

BiNG: Never, a manager told me it was good but one of the most exhausting things to do if you are trying to gain fans. It is mostly a waste of time and he is connected with Atlantic and I feel the same but who knows I am immortal so maybe here and there I will get on stage.

By Jimmy Rae

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