During the Holiday Season, Christmas songs fill the airwaves and remind people what a special time of year it is. Denmark-based group Years of Dust recently released a wonderful new song called Beautiful Christmas. The lyrics relay a message about peace, clearly a topic that the world needs more than ever.

Years of Dust and their new song have been embraced by music fans on Facebook, building up to 150,000 followers with new people coming onboard every day.

Henrik Erndal started out as a drummer at the age of six. At age 16 he switched to bass and now plays a variety of instruments (i.e. piano, keyboard, guitars, banjo) in Years of Dust. Henrik has also been a very successful producer for other Artists.

Thomas Lindroos is the lead singer and guitarist in Years of Dust and co-writes with Henrik. Emil Krogshoej is the band’s drummer and Bent Skovgaard is the bassist.

Celebrate the Holidays by checking out “Beautiful Christmas” – the new song by Years of Dust. It’s a song of hope, peace and light created by a group of talented, caring musicians who are trying to use their music to do good in the world.

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