Scarlet & The Harlots – We Can’t Seem To Get Enough


We Can’t Seem To Get Enough bursts at the seams. Remarkably busy arrangements give the songs a sense of controlled chaos. Scarlet & The Harlots understand this concept well as they fill their pieces with horns, strong vocals, nimble drumming, and infectious bass. Horns happen to serve as a form of punctuation for the pieces. By packing each song with large amounts of detail the songs can feel overwhelming at times. Lyrically the songs are rather humorous narrating life and the pop culture that goes along with it.


Starting off with a brash guitar riff “There Once Was A Girl” opens the album up with incredible energy. At times the sheer amount of dexterity displayed makes the song feel akin to an endurance test. The funky rhythms continue on the jagged “Moonshine Ghost”. Moving into more pop friendly work comes “We Can’t Seem To Get Enough” with tightly wound structure. Finally taking a break with the low slung swinging rhythms of “What To Do” Scarlet & The Harlots wind down the tempo and sprawl out showing off their considerable chops. Towards the end of the album they allow themselves to move into more atmospheric work, like the sly saxophone work on “We Are In Control”.

Ending off on the quietest note is the sweetness of “Follow”. With a great range, Scarlet & The Harlots show their skill at the blazing quick and the slow burners. We Can’t Seem To Get Enough is true to its title.

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