Antone – V2.0


Antone’s “V2.0” is dance music done right, done decadently. Opting for dance with the absolute essentials Antone strips the songs down to their absolute basics. This approach works well for him as he is able to indulge both in downright endless grooves and shorter, more experimental playful pieces that highlight the origins of electronic dance music. Brought together “V2.0” is an album that simultaneously explores dance music’s history while bringing its sound into the future. Such an interesting combination of high energy tracks coupled alongside this thoughtful approach make “V2.0” work on multiple levels.


“Ravers Party!” deserves the exclamation point. Filled to the brim with tech house grooves the piece evolves quite nicely. For “Element” Antone continues this emphasis on four to the floor while employing a dreamy melody alongside it. Taking a nice interlude is the textural exploration of “Wicky Tricky”. A neat groove grounds one of the album’s highlight “I Know” whose arrangement is perfect. Minimalism takes hold on the airy “Estra-Da” a particularly moody and clever piece, with nice uses of echo. Grandeur dominates the impressive thick sounds of “Validate”. By far the highlight is the absolute gigantic sound of “Mystic Romance”. On “Robo Zombie” Antone explores skeletal grooves giving the song an interesting stripped down approach. Towards the end of the collection is the sunny groove of “The People” whose samples interact to create an overwhelming sense of joy.


“V2.0” works on multiple levels from the physical to the thoughtful.

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