EB 11, Enjoy The Ride


EB 11’s “Enjoy The Ride” is a passionate album. The songs demand to be played loud. Volume is a must. An absolute rush the songs burn through leaving their imprint in the mind long after they are gone. Remarkably talented EB 11 shows off its considerable chops: great rhythms, great guitar riffs, and thoughtful lyrics. With everything coming together quite nicely EB 11’s “Enjoy The Ride” is a balanced burst of energy.

“System Breakdown” Video – http://youtu.be/Ccq7ZTAK1Bk

A solid intro “All Is Fake” rages forth. The entire sound is heavy. Vocals serve as the focal point though they do display a particularly satisfying guitar solo towards the end of the song. “Love You Now” opens with an infectious rhythm that grows ever larger. For “She” EB 11 slow things down giving the song an atmospheric feel behind it. On “To Make It Real” EB 11 show off their ability to handle lighter sounds, with an acoustic guitar beginning the piece as it evolves into one of the more versatile pieces on the collection. “Be The One” takes a light-hearted approach, serving as a romantic heartfelt piece. Here EB 11 show off their ability to tell a simple, sweet romance. Sadness defines the downtrodden “Day”. Ending things off nicely is the casual groove of “Beautiful World”. The optimism ends the album off as EB 11 move further and further into chaos for the finale.

“Enjoy The Rule” is a full-bodied blast of sound and embodies all that is good about alternative rock.



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