Do you remember having a record collection and putting your favourite record on the turntable, lining up the needle and placing it gently within the groove? Or perhaps you used to have a big clunky Walkman that you used to play your cassette tapes while jogging? Or maybe you remember wiping the fingerprints from a CD and carefully placing in your CD player, hoping it wouldn’t skip?

These days you probably just search music videos on your Youtube Downloader when you want to listen to something, but this wasn’t always the case. This interesting infographic gives you a great perspective on the history of listening technology. It starts with the phonograph more than a hundred years ago, then shows the development of the record, the cassette, the CD and then finally the Mp3.

At the end, this infographic also reveals some future music listening technology, such as headphones that have virtual reality and wearable subwoofers so that allow you to actually feel the music. What are your thoughts on this interesting music technology infographic? Which old fashioned music listening method do you remember from your childhood? What new technology would you love to use?

The History of Listening – An infographic by the team at Youtubedownload.

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