You may have come across a PDF file containing important information for a presentation of assignment. This information may be in tabular format that would be much easier to manipulate and work with as an Excel spreadsheet. A great site for online excel to pdf converter is the smart tool that allows converting the Microsoft Excel into PDF format instantly.

Anyone who’s ever tried to extract information from a PDF file by copying and pasting knows that it is a painstaking process and will yield poor results. You need to use a conversion tool that will transfer information logically from the tables in the PDF file format to XLS format.

PDFburger.comdoes exactly that. This online converter allows you to convert your PDF files into Excel spreadsheets in a logical way. This ensures that the integrity of the information is retained in the converted files.

The process for conversion of PDF files to XLS format is quite simple.

Step 1:
Begin by logging into your account on PDF Burger. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll have to sign up to create one. The process for creating an account on the website is quite simple and fast. You’ll be done in a few minutes and ready to start converting files with absolutely no limit to the quantity of files converted.

Step 2:
Click on the “PDF to Excel” tab to change your converting option. You will now be able to convert PDF files into XLS format. The arrow on the right hand side of the screen ought to be pointing to XLS.

Step 3:
With,you don’t have to copy and paste the information you want to convert into the website. You can convert files directly from disk. You therefore only need to locate the files that you need to convert. You can do this by clicking on the “select files….” button and browsing to the file(s) that you want to convert.

Step 4:
If you want to convert more than one file, select all the files that you want converted. You can do this by holding down the CTRL key as you select multiple files. Selecting multiple files for conversion will not result in a single XLS file being produced for all the PDF files selected. Several XLS files will be produced.

Step 5:
Click on “start” to start the conversion. The conversion of the selected files will then begin. PDFburger.comconverts PDF files logically. This means that the information will be transferred to retain layout and formatting. The result will be a spreadsheet that mirrors the original PDF file as closely as possible.

Step 6:
When the conversion of your file(s) is completed, you can save the final XLS product. You can do this by clicking on the “Download” button and saving the documents in the file folder of your choice.

Benefits of using PDF Burger
•There is no need to copy and paste the information into the website. The online convertercan convert files directly from disk. You therefore save a lot of time and energy.
•The rows, formatting and columns in the resulting XLS file are the same as the original PDF document.

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