Voxmirage, Self-Titled


Wicked stuff. Right off the draw I’m hearing music that reminds me of elements of some fantastic pop/rock/electro bands like Snow Patrol, MGMT…even some R.E.M. thrown in here. This two-piece band is making completely exciting music with intense grooves and fantastic songwriting.

And what’s THIS? They’re from my home-away-from-home of Seattle? LOVE IT. Just an FYI for you wonderful people…Seattle is literally within concert distance here for me where we’re based out of in Abbotsford, Canada. Personally, for myself…hearing a sound like the one that’s coming from Voxmirage…I can only hope this won’t be the last time I see or hear from them here with them being so close on the map.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/voxmirage/sets/voxmirage/s-DqqiJ

They start it off on a ripping note, with opening track “All I Want Is You,” coming out to claim eardrums instantly with its hook-laden, indie-alternative sound. Great chorus, great harmonies….great…hmmm…what IS that anyway? Keyboards of some sort I’m sure….it’s like a cross between an organ and an accordion….whatever it is, don’t run away screaming from the thought, it works perfectly.

The second track “I Can’t Take It Anymore Than This,” is just darkly perfect. I absolutely love this song – it has an old-school feel to it….you could almost imagine this being a part of David Bowie’s catalog years ago in his “China Girl” days. Of course, through the tone, feel and creativity of Voxmirage, there’s no hint of the flatness that could creep into a Bowie song at any moment. They’ve kept up each element, keep the energy or the atmosphere going big time. This track also reminds me much of the production and feel of the album “Around The Sun,” by R.E.M.

Interestingly enough…R.E.M. alumni and frequent ‘5th member’ of their band, Ken Stringfellow, produced this very album, and it was mastered at the world-wide famous Abbey Road Studios in the UK. That fact alone will tell you a couple things about the level of dedication, commitment and quality of Voxmirage; as in, it’s certainly not just ME here supporting them today! As you hear the structure, skill and beautiful melodies of tracks like “Hold On,” and “Never Go Away;” the music of Voxmirage has slowly been taking over your brain….it’s only the fourth song, but you’re already hooked like a desperate alley junkie….you need MORE.

Sonicbids EPK: http://www.sonicbids.com/band/voxmirage

Personally I dig the vocals quite a bit. In songs like “She’s Going Away,” you can hear them reaching for the top shelf, bringing them up as high as they can go. The pitch & the tone are on-point…and every single time they are right there alongside an absolutely kickin’ beat and perfect production. “Want Me Too,” is much the same in terms of the vocals…right up there again in tone with a complex part that truly would be tough to pull off. As one of the slower tunes you’ll find on this self-titled disc, it still pulses with an effective slow-burn and the intensity they’ve displayed already certainly finds its way into this track as well.

“Just A Fool…” guys….GUYS….WHAT are you doing to me here? You’re exposing me big time….that’s what you’re doing…. THIS is absolute perfection in the pop/rock love song. With a gorgeous melody and perfect delivery…if you’re looking for just the right amount of emotion without going overboard…this is it. This is what SINCERE sounds like.

So….wait a minute….I had described them as pop/rock/electro before….let me amend that now that “Just For Tonight” has played through….it should apparently read: pop/rock/electro/JAZZ. I mean, where did this track come from??? Awesome. A true jazzy beat, perfect horns added into this, alongside perfect low-key drums with splashing cymbals; this is definitely the largest departure in sound for Voxmirage on this album, but again, it fully works out for them.

The stripped-down “On I Go With You,” serves as an isolated, tiny track that sets up the club-beat you’ll find in “Go Insane,” as these two musicians kick it into gear again in the start towards the finish-line. This would be the danceable aspect of the music of Voxmirage…no matter the genre they choose, you can rely on this band to supply a worthy beat strong enough to get you moving, every time.

The stomping beat of “My Favorite Sin,” combined with some truly fitting vocals, this track comes out in a swirling storm of atmosphere. A truly encapsulating and captivating performance…Voxmirage pulses along with confidence and conviction here and throughout this entire album. As they wind up with the musically astounding “I Know What Scares You,” there’s a real sense of a ‘win’ here on this self-titled effort; every song has been entertaining in their own right…the album as a whole, is cohesive and recognizably Voxmirage – I’d know this band in a heartbeat if I was to hear them again. “I Know What Scares You” becomes the perfect ending in a real blend of everything they’re doing incredibly well; great harmonies, great songwriting, great hooks and deeply committed, flawless performances. Check this out for sure – Voxmirage will show you an incredibly great time.


Jer @ SBS

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