Sarantos, “Let’s Call It Love”


Sarantos succeeds with beauty on “Let’s Call It Love”. The style recalls that of dimly lit Bossa Nova. Luxurious and rich the sound is pristine. Jazz-influenced the vocals are reminiscent of Arto Lindsay’s graceful singing. By letting these many elements play off of each other Sarantos is able to create an atmospheric, softly sung romantic lullaby. Lyrically and sonically dreamy the piece virtually floats away as if lighter than air itself.

“Let’s Call It Love” –

Light flourishes introduce the piece. Rhythmically on its toes the drums work best with their brushes adding additional color to the piece. The piano playfully works around the vocals which take center stage. Effortlessly cool the singing is the right level of sincere and detached. Such a tone works well as the rest of the song falls into place. Guitar tones work wonderfully with the jazz arrangement. Neat, clean, and sparse, the guitar helps to keep the song in its sweet gentle rhythms. Balance is of the utmost importance for the piece. Never straying from its quiet origins the song builds itself up on the power of the vocals. As the piece progress Sarantos sounds longing for the comfort for his special someone. For the final moments of the song the piece slow wafts away into the air.

The joys of “Let’s Call It Love” are infinite. Concise, looking back on the brilliance of Bossa Nova and Lounge while slightly tweaking the sound, Sarantos creates a piece that is irresistible. It is easy to love, so “Let’s Call It Love”.

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