Buffalo Huddleston Band, Sunrise


Buffalo Huddleston Band’s “Sunrise” is a tapestry of sound effortlessly weaving together hip-hop, reggae, folk, and classical into a colorful whole. “Sunrise” Tasteful and refined they are a unique beast in the musical kingdom. No other band quite sounds like Buffalo Huddleston. Their vision is entirely their own. With a sound that remains playful yet poetic their work is gentle and kind. Everything in the album comes together perfectly from Jull-Z’s delivery to the delicate work of Becky Hamilton and Sarah van Vlymen’s violin work. None of this would work without the flexibility of the strong rhythm section which adds a distinctly reggae flavor to many of the songs.

Audio – http://buffalohuddleston.bandcamp.com/

Sunrise opens up in the best way possible with the aptly named laid back track “Chillin’”. On “Apologies” the classical and reggae elements work together nicely creating a sense of giddiness that prevails throughout the piece. Things move closer to folk on the dreamy “Sky High” whose guitar work is finger-picking good. All influences comes together on the celebratory “Dancing in 7/8ths”. By far the album’s centerpiece is the multi-suite epic of “Waiting for the right song”. Here everything seems to fit right into place: from the guitars to strings to Jull-Z’s work. The album ends off with the calm of “Sunrise” whose optimism reflects the beginning of a new day.

There is a great deal of happiness to be found on “Sunrise”. Buffalo Huddleston Band is a true diamond in the rough, a glimpse of true radiant beauty.


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