YouTube is used for many purposes ranging from comedy sketches to promoting commercial products. It’s also been the cornerstone of supporting musical artists that have gone on to create a name for themselves. Although YouTube is used by many for quick clips of entertainment, it’s a powerful medium to demonstrate to the world the kind of talents you possess. Without a record label contract or hiring agents, you can promote your music on the ever-popular website to drive your success.

It’s All About the Music, Not the Video

When promoting your own music on YouTube, you don’t need to emphasize entertainment through the perspective of video. While combining video with music can make a greater impact, not everyone has the capacity to create something that audiences will like to watch. Many artists have great success by doing nothing more than performing in front of the camera without acting, scenery or background story lines. If you are capable of creating something visually attractive, then you are better off than many others. However, don’t put too much emphasis on the video if you’re unable to do so. Bad video can be more detrimental than what you may realize.

Sell on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play

When you listen to music on YouTube, do you notice that many of the videos provide a link to download the song from iTunes and other providers? Many YouTube celebrity musicians have made sales through the use of their videos linking back to these sites. As long as you don’t infringe on copyright materials, your YouTube video can be used to promote your own music for direct sales. Thanks to technology surrounding the Internet, there is a world of possibilities for marketing that don’t have to cost you a large amount of money. This can help you build status as an artist as well as lay the ground work for further offers from larger organizations.

Unique Look and Feel for Video

There are many ways you can use YouTube to promote music without creative video representation. Millions of people simply load a YouTube video in a second tab of the browser to give them something to listen to while surfing the Internet. Adding unique background images could offer something other than a black screen enhancing the listening experience. Unique designs could be simple photos of yourself or perhaps nature images that offer relevance to your style of music. However, photos of yourself as you would have for album covers may provide the most impact. For ideas of how to present your musical talents on YouTube, research what other artists have done and look at the approval rating. This can give you an idea of what works for the artist’s style of music.

Without a large monetary investment, it could be difficult to break into the music industry. Luckily, technology provides platforms that allow virtually anyone to realize their dreams. Although sites such as iTunes take a percentage of your sales, it’s still a method that allows you to capitalize on your talents. All of this could start from a simple video on YouTube.

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