Throughout his fledgling career as a singer, songwriter, and musician, Danny Mercer has had a way of impressing people right out of the gate. A few years back, when Mercer was a college student and aspiring songwriter, he saw a tweet from The Messengers’ Nasri, who was looking for fresh talent, and sent off some of his songs. Nasri (who now also fronts chart-topping band Magic!) immediately expressed interest and put him to work. A year later, when Pitbull’s manager Charles Chavez met Mercer, the Latium Entertainment CEO was so taken with his musical abilities that he signed on as his manager. And when Pitbull himself heard Mercer’s soulful voice on the demo for a song Mercer had written called “Outta Nowhere,” not only did Mr. Worldwide feature the song on his album Global Warming, he also insisted on keeping the newcomer’s original vocal on the chorus, leading to Mercer’s first big break as an artist.

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