Wolfgang Douglas, Wonderful Life


Wolfgang Douglas’s “Wonderful Life” lets loose. Everything within the two songs emphasizes this carefree attitude. Sonically the songs resemble The Strokes’ second album hopped up on unreasonable amounts of caffeine. This means the hooks are strong. Rhythms are out of control moving as fast as possible. Lyrically the two songs reflect this overall gleeful abandon. Volume is a must as the two songs virtually demand to be blasted as loud as possible.



The collection opens up with the brash “Wonderful Life” that comes in full force. By far the collection’s highlight Wolfgang Douglas’s lyrics are incredibly cheerful. A party atmosphere is in full effect. Lyrically the song explores the idea of basically taking on new experiences to determine how to fully jump into another lifestyle. Guitars are accompanied by hyperactive rhythms, melodic organs, all thrown through various distortion filters. In fact it is this distortion that helps to embody the wild unhinged spirit of the song. Even the vocals are not immune to the distortion treatment. With such a busy arrangement it is easy to get lost in the song’s many textures. Things calm down significantly for the closer “Love Drunk”. Beginning with slight guitar it offers a bit of a breather before the song goes full force into its high-energy spirit. The electronic effects for this song are just as dominant adding to the overall celebratory feeling of the song.

“Wonderful Life” is a great rush of a collection.


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