Ken Dahl, “Casper”


Ken Dahl’s “Casper” has a brilliant concept with pitch-perfect execution. With a focus on the nastiness of anonymous online bloggers the track moves forward thanks to the help of an incredibly infectious beat. Everything about the track indicates a keen sense of awareness about the double-standards that anonymity brings online. For anonymity allows people to become invisible entities online and helps them indulge in the worst possible behavior. On “Casper” however Ken Dahl moves to handle this problem, revealing the true identity of one of these bloggers, a real live person and a ghost online.

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Opening with the steady beat and catchy melody Ken Dahl begins. He describes the life of a blogger whose obsession rarely makes much, if any, money. The life of a blogger is one of passion more than one of financial necessity. Usually a blogger requires a large amount of hits to have a sustainable income. Most bloggers do not do it for that reason. Ken Dahl takes great joy at his revenge against this blogger who unnecessarily provoked him, messing with his life. For the problem a lot of anonymous bloggers have is they feel the need to judge others without doing any sort of evaluation of themselves. Ken Dahl explores this concept throughout the track coolly explaining how the blogger’s violation has come full cycle, to expose his anonymity.

The track is a biting critique on how anonymity can be a double-edged sword: while it affords secrecy it additionally brings out the worst in people, so when their identity is revealed they no longer have anything to hide behind. Ken Dahl’s “Casper” is a much needed look at the secret sad lives of anonymous bloggers.

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