RxGF, Any Other Way


RxGF’s “Any Other Way” is what dark wave should be. The edge in the arrangements is nicely complemented by Angeline Schaaf’s powerful emotive voice. Alongside this the music itself benefits from the extensive subtle use of samples which give the overall sound a greyish foreboding atmosphere. For the more decipherable samples the overall effect is to increase the sense of paranoia. With a sound that often feels reminiscent of a half-awake uneasy dream the songs explore the beauty of dark industrial sounds. Angeline Schaaf’s voice serves as the human focal point throughout the album helping to serve as the steady unwavering center.

“How To Make It”:

Opening up with the title track the album begins on a high note. The rhythm has a hard edge that is softened considerably by Angeline Schaaf’s lyrics and the distant shimmering guitars. As the song gets increasingly cloudier the guitars move into an almost angelic position offering a slight glimpse of salvation. “How to Make It” presents a pessimistic picture of the music industry accompanied by Angeline Schaaf’s detached vocals and relentless pummeling rhythm. For “Flesh and Bone” the song has a rave-like approach with a fast-paced tempo moving it forward. This approach is repeated on “The Dying Grace of Machines” which moves into acid-inspired territory.

RXGF “Any Other Way”:

“Things That Go Bang (False Flag Mix)” takes on an apocalyptic approach with samples woven together to create a rather unsettling picture. “Belladonna (Verax Mix)” ends the album off on a comforting note, with the previous harsh elements scrubbing clean. “Any Other Way” finds beauty in the darkness.


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