Darwin Awards Pranks which Really Werent Worth the Effort (2)_phixr

Teens and “adults” alike come up with prank ideas that often sounded good at the time. Armed with props and a video camera, these wannabe pranksters carry out pranks intended to capture the interest of people cruising YouTube or other entertainment areas of the internet. Unfortunately these pranks turned out to be more for our entertainment than theirs.

Deadly Atomic Wedgie
A high school senior was arrested and charged with the death of his stepfather after administering an “atomic wedgie” after his stepfather was unconscious. The teen and his stepdad got involved in a fight after drinking together.

While the stepfather was unconscious, the teen grabbed the elastic band of his stepdad’s underwear, pulled it up and placed it over his head and face so the band made contact with his throat. The cause of death: asphyxiation or suffocation.

Tossing a Sparkler Through an Open Window
A teen died after a friend tossed a lit sparkler into her open apartment window and started a fire. The friend wanted to wake her up and, thinking it was a good idea, tossed the sparkler inside.

Tied to a Shopping Cart
A teen who had just graduated from high school, took part in a prank that killed him. He and his friends decided to tie another teen to a shopping cart and push him into a lake. The teen was unable to untie himself and drowned in Lake Allatoona, near Cartersville, Georgia.

Shark Encounter
Admitted adrenaline junkies took a large bird cage and sailed out into the waters surrounding the Gold Coast, seeking to film a prank worthy of the Jackass movie franchise.

One of the young men jumped into the water while his friend, a professional fisherman, tossed a tiger shark measuring nearly 8 feet long, into the water. The young man in the water said he wanted to “get up close and personal” with a shark, using only the bird cage to protect himself. He was lucky – he got back into the boat, limbs intact.

Teen Car-Egging Prank
Several teens got involved in a prank targeting another classmate. The teens covered the targeted friend’s father’s car with mayonnaise, toilet paper, and eggs, then left the area.

The targeted teen’s father discovered the vandalism and waited for the teens to come back. When they did, he shot his gun into their car, killing a 15-year-old girl who had been involved in the prank. He shot her in the head. The targeted teen’s father did not call law enforcement either before or after the shooting, and has been charged with first-degree murder, committing a terroristic act, and five counts of aggravated assault.

The pranks discussed above have the potential to kill, or seriously injure participants or bystanders. People injured or killed in a bad prank may need legal representation, from a Vancouver personal injury lawyer, especially if they want to sue the pranksters. Think before you try something dangerous.

Information Credit: Bronson Jones & Co

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