Dallas, TX’s Valise is pleased to announce Young Bloomer, their debut full-length available February 24, 2015. The collection of eleven songs is the collaborative process of over eighteen weeks recording at The Vanguard Room in Lakeland, FL with Matt Wilbur. To celebrate the release, Valise is sharing the first single, “Charlie Gray” for free download.

“The song went through so many versions, originally coming across much more cheerful and guitar driven. Eventually, I played this sad piano riff over the initial tracking, and we all froze, we loved it,” explains vocalist, Vince Penick, about “Charlie Gray.” “It was incredibly somber, and contrasted so sharply with what we had already tracked. It came out of nowhere and changed the song so profoundly that we scrapped a lot of what we had and started creating the version you hear now. That really set the tone for how we recorded the rest of the album. We loved pulling the songs apart and putting them back together, and that process is where we forged the album’s identity.”

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