Purmamarca is basement dwelling indie psych pop that borrows from rock, classical, and ambient aesthetics. PORTALS likens it to “headlights hitting fog in slow motion” with layers of songs that “unfurl on the spine of a grappling guitar and a romantic piano”. Their debut record, Summer Air // Night, was recorded in bedrooms, kitchens, and basements on a USB microphone and was self-released in early 2014 on Bandcamp. GoldFlakePaint called the record “an exercise in blissed out psych acid lullabies” and “mellow and complex”, Dots & Dashes called it “a remarkable album” with “sparse, yet still resplendent beauty”, and The Line of Best Fit noted the “melodies that creep in and take up residence inside you mind.” The band followed up the record with a new single “No Battles”.

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