Dance in today’s world paints a very different picture than it did in centuries past. While all dances move to the music, some are more structured than others. Some classic dances that our grandparents knew growing up, would never be seen in a gathering today. What are some classic dances that have gone out of style?

The waltz is a dance traditionally preformed in a ballroom setting to the rhythm of a 3/4 time signature. Originally a dance of German peasants, it soon became known as an elegant, delightful dance for couples to spin around in a ballroom. It is a fast paced dance where partners are interlocked in a romantic embrace as they whirl around the dance floor. Traditional music for the waltz can be vocals or instrumentals, to the beat of country, classical, or slow rock. With the reemergence of ballroom in popular culture, we may be seeing more of this.

The foxtrot is a dance that features long flowing movements to a 4/4 rhythm. In the beginning of the foxtrot era, during the early 1900’s, it was put to the beat of ragtime, and it soon became one of the most popular fast pace dances. When rock and roll first became introduced, people were uncertain as to what style of dance would be the most applicable to the music. The well-known song Rock Around the Clock to this day could be considered one of the best know foxtrots.

Lindy Hop
The Lindy Hop is a dance that was introduced in Harlem, New York in the 1920’s as a way to move to the jazz music of the time. This dance is considered a swing dance, though it is a fusion of many different dances. The Lindy Hop is a combination of solo and partnered dance moves that move to an eight count structure. This dance style was not only fun to perform; it was a joy to watch the refined steps in action.

The Watusi
The Watusi is a solo dance that gained most of its popularity in the 1960’s. This dance was well known variation of the Twist that utilized the arms instead of the hips. With surfing becoming a craze in the United States at the time, these types of dances allowed for people to dance without much movement of their feet in the sand.

The Robot
The Robot is a street dance style that imitates a robot if it were to dance. The movements of this dance are normally started and finished with very abrupt, jerky moves that give the impression of motors starting and stopping. The beat effects with this dance come from music such as electrofunk that has very distinct moves. Also a dance moved utilized in robot themed songs.

Some of these dances are still around, but they are not nearly as popular as they were in their prime time. Dances go out of style because music changes, and individual tastes change. To stay apprised to the dances relevant to today’s world you must follow the music. There are so many different places that have dance classes available to the communities nearby, like community centers, gyms, and even dance studios.

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