Cole Washburn, Traveler’s Moon


Heartwarming folksy americana is what to expect when putting Cole Washburn’s EP Traveler’s Moon on for a spin.


Opening with ‘Anastasia’, Cole Washburn’s signature sound is firmly established with its warm tones and gentle rhythm. As an opening track, it’s the perfect introduction to Washburn’s style, with the lap steel notes that ebb and flow through the track alongside the beautiful female harmonies. ‘Beautiful To Me’ leans towards the acoustic stylings of Damien Rice, but delivered in a unique way that raises the song up as a meticulously crafted song that is deceptively simple with a heartwarming refrain that is as sentimental as it is memorable.

‘Head Above The Water’ carries with it a sense of space and feels ever so slightly distant in a way that gives it something of a live feel. It’s a more lively and upbeat track, with a strong drum groove that inspires some serious toe tapping. ‘The Widow’ has melancholy running right through it, with its wistful vocal wails, while title track ‘Traveler’s Moon’ holds steady with a strong groove that underpins its characterful guitar work and Cole Washburn’s own distinctively warm toned vocal. Drawing to a close, ‘Ol Will Brown’ comes with a healthy dose of influences from Randy Newman. In fact, it is the kind of track that would sit perfectly on a Pixar movie soundtrack.

By Chris Marsh

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