7 Ways to Survive Law School_phixr

Entering law school is an exciting chapter in any student’s life. While law school provides students with many opportunities to excel, it can also present new challenges and additional stress. Listed below are seven ways to survive law school and overcome the challenges that it offers.

1. Know What You Are Facing. Before you even start the first semester, you should have a good understanding of your classes and what will be expected of you in each. You should familiarize yourself with your professors and have good contact with them. It is impossible to slop through courses and then pull your grades together before graduation; in law school, all your grades make an impact on your future career, so it’s important to make sure you give it your best from day one.

2. Form a Workable Schedule. Whether you are studying to become a lawyer or gain your masters of science in education law, the work load will seem overwhelming at times. Without a good schedule, it will be impossible to keep up with assignments. Set aside a certain amount of time to study every day, and stick with it, even if it means making major sacrifices.

3. Prepare Yourself to Work Hard. Law school is full of exams, discussions, and large amounts of reading. Even when you don’t have a full work load, you can still practice by taking sample tests, reading ahead, and talking with other students about law-related questions. In this way, you can keep your mind focused and be prepared for the work ahead.

4. Form Study Groups. Sometimes, working as a group is easier and provides fresh perspectives and ideas. Find three or four other students who can work alongside you. Not only can you bounce ideas off each other and share knowledge, but you can also provide good moral support.

5. Develop a Good Support System. Law school is extremely stressful, and you will need to have a good support system to help you get through. Make a list of people who will be there to talk with you and hang out with you when you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a break. It’s also beneficial to find a mentor who has also gone through law school and can give you encouragement.

6. Set Aside Time for Yourself. While it’s important to devote time to study, it’s equally important not to burn out. Setting aside time to take a break is important to your well-being. Schedule times to go to the movies, take a walk in the park, listen to music, or just read a novel for fun.

7. Prepare to Have Bad Days. As much as you will want to do excellent in your classes, everyone has their failures and bad days. Some exams will not turn out the way that you hope, some professors may not like you, and some of your grades will be disappointing. Don’t let these get you down. Everyone has bad experiences but, with perseverance, you can overcome and see better days ahead.

Law school is difficult, but you have what it takes to succeed! By implementing these seven suggestions, you can survive the challenges that law school presents.

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