Americans UK, Hostile Takeover


Opening with ‘Lights Out In Zap City’, the sound of Americans UK is immediately set as punchy and futuristic with its fluttering synth and twanging guitars.


Americans UK – Hostile TakeoverAs the vocal comes in, at first it’s something of a surprise – the tone is so deep and serious sounding that it almost comes across as some sort of death metal growl. When the chorus arrives, things couldn’t be more different – its as power pop as you can get. And that’s where the curiosity of Americans UK seems to lie – the combination of styles and tones seem to be at odds with each other, and yet they manage to combine to create music the likes of which you’ve quite possibly never heard before. It’s certainly fun and upbeat, but there’s a sense that the oddness is sometimes laid on a little thick. The singalongability of ‘Phenomena-na’ definitely makes for some truly fun listening, while the frenetic shredding and warbling of ‘Fear Wolf’ is a high octane assault on the senses. Closing with title track, ‘Hostile Takeover’, the time is taken to pull things back a little, with a lone bass riff beneath the lead vocal before the track bursts into a huge Killers style display of disco-rock.

By Chris Marsh

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