There is nothing dapper about distressed jeans and a T-shirt. Nothing at all that says, ‘I am a professional and I can handle my business.’ So unless you have your own company, you cannot possibly hope to be taken seriously for a job when you still look like a teenager. Congratulations on graduating by the way.

Now, it is critical to remember that with your graduation comes a change in how you want others to perceive you. Clothes speak volumes about who you are and the qualities that you could bring (or lack) to the organization. Your resume should be a clear representation of who you are and how you dress. For instance, if you say you are attentive to details but part of your shirt is hanging out of your pants, a lot of your other qualities will be brought into question.

So how do we get you from frat boy to professional?

1. Shoes
The saying goes that you can judge a man by the shoes he is wearing. That is still true today. If you want others to take you seriously then you need to get a serious pair of quality leather shoes. I know, they can be quite expensive, but think of this as an investment. They are very durable and low maintenance and you don’t really need more than a couple to start with. While you are at, make sure one of them is an ankle boot, those look great on just about anyone.

2. Suit up
You should get at least one proper suit in your closet. You can get one off the rack at a wholesale fashion clothing store and get it adjusted to look like a custom suit. It is important that the suit fits well otherwise you might as well forget about it. Befriend a tailor and keep adjusting those suits until you make enough money to have one made, alright?

3. White and blue
Think with me, what is by far the most popular color of shirts for powerful men? That’s right, blue and white! You can eventually branch out to other colors but it is important to have a sufficient stock of good quality cotton blue and white shirts.

You can get these from stores that offer wholesale women’s clothing. There are usually men’s section in these stores where the shirts are quite affordable and you can get a second opinion from the ladies shopping there if you are not too sure about a specific cut.

4. Take care of your clothes
These things are going to cost you a pretty sum and you had better take care of them. Remember, they are an investment. Make sure to buy good hangers and a shoe rack and please, be careful when washing them (read the instructions, they are there for a reason). Good quality shoes and clothes should last you a very long time if you take care of them, so please do.

So, go to your nearest wholesale women’s clothing store and buy a few choice items today. Alternatively you can visit the local wholesale fashion clothing store. Whichever you choose enjoy your shopping!

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