Perry Bonck, Heart of a Cowboy


Perry Bonck is celebrating his latest release, Heart of a Cowboy. This Louisiana native shows his true colors throughout this entire CD. He boasts with pride about his home town in several tracks and paints melodic pictures of his life and upbringing.

Bonck has a vocal styling that is reminiscent of Dwight Yoakum and is very suitable for his genre of music. He understands country music and all its glory and this genre has taken quite a beating lately with critics. I would imagine it is because radio stations and labels are not taking chances with real music. This is real genuine “country” music with all its simplicity and complexities. He is showing them how it should be done with subtle twangs and beautiful stories.

The production is well thought out a purposeful and takes you on the ride a country music fan would expect to hear. There are banjos, mandos and guitars that speak as colorfully as the lyrics do. There is perfect prosody between the music and words. Each feeds the other to create a well received effort as a whole. This CD is a ride full of highs and lows up tempo and slow and every single song speaks to the heart.

As a country music fan that has been extremely disappointed with the direction this genre has taken lately, Perry Bonck has taken a journey back to the roots that used to make music special with his latest efforts in the CD, Heart of a Cowboy. If you are looking for roots and meaningful entertainment, then sit back, relax and listen in amazement as I did.

I rate this 5 out 5

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