Movies can be an excellent way to escape the everyday stressful life that you lead and immerse yourself in the lives of fictional characters spinning magic on the screen. Whether you are a Hollywood movie lover or swear by the vibrant and colourful Bollywood movie community, you will always find yourself laughing, smiling, raging and even tearing up, seeing your favourite actors enact a story that you may be able to relate to. If you are in the mood to check out a vast array of these or nay genre of movies you need Putlocker.

However, entertainment is not the sole benefit of watching movies. More often than not, you will find yourself smitten by the sheer exuberance and grandeur of the lives that the actors in movies lead. Sometimes, this influence is seen in the way you dress or talk and sometimes, it helps you pick the perfect engagement ring for your better half. There have been several movies that have proudly flaunted exquisite jewellery as part of their storyline. Some are vintage while others are the epitome of modernity. In any case, these movies have managed to inspire and influence engagement ring choices for many and can be of great help for you too, if you are looking for that magnificent piece of jewellery to take your better half by surprise.

1. My Best friend’s wedding:
There is no doubt about the fact that Julia Roberts is America’s sweetheart when it comes to the 90s movie scenario. She has won several hearts over the years with her remarkably exceptional performances in movies. However, in this particular movie, the diamond ring gleaming on Cameron Diaz’s ring finger may have stolen Julia Roberts’ thunder. This vintage piece of jewellery that Cameron Diaz had worn on her ring finger was a round diamond that was embedded inside a micro pave band. Whether you believe in style from the 1920s or prefer a chic 2014 wedding glow, this ring will never go out of style and will always find itself adapting to every age and era.

2. Titanic:
When it comes to finding your one true eternal love, you can never miss a movie this grand and a love story this epic. While Titanic is the fateful love story of Jack and Rose, it is almost difficult to ignore the enormity of the gleaming diamond ring that sits pretty on Rose’s ring finger given to her by her fiancé Cal. This ring has 3 massive diamond stones on a band and the inspiration for making this ring came from a similar ring that was originally found on the real Titanic. Therefore, an unforgettable love story deserves an unforgettable engagement ring.

3. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1:
While there have been mixed reviews for the film series of the ever so popular Twilight saga bestselling novels, the wedding scene of the first part of Breaking Dawn is the most talked about one. The entire wedding scene was kept under wraps throughout the shooting of the movie and an immense amount of anticipation was created around the set up, Bella’s wedding dress and even her ring. Women across the globe found themselves holding their breaths as they watched Edward propose to Bella with perhaps, one of the most exquisite diamond rings that has ever been designed for a movie. The ring itself is made from platinum and is oval in shape. This platinum body of the ring is then studded with gorgeous round shaped tiny diamonds.

4.The Great Gatsby:
Vintage influences in this movie are heavy and are visible throughout the period of the film. The grandeur of Daisy Buchanan’s marriage is breathtaking and to put it simply, every woman’s dream. One of the best aspects of the entire scene was the magnificent engagement ring that still makes women swoon. It was essentially a halo engagement ring with a cushion cut and embedded on a platinum band. The angles of the ring, though geometric, did not take away from the femininity of the ring with the diamonds essentially French-set.

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