Ian & The Dream, California Cauliflower


Ian & The Dream’s “California Cauliflower” sounds like summertime. Remarkably sunny the songs are full of optimism. The poppy nature of the songs is undeniable as they are full of wonderful hooks. Lyrically the songs have plenty of hope in them as they sync up perfect with lush instrumentation. With a true sense of playfulness they are able to tap into the older classic pop groups.

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Opening up with the smile of “Girl from California” the song is irresistibly sweet. Easily one of the highlights its flexibility works wonders. The vocals fit nicely with the overall vibe of the song which appears to live exclusively on the beach. Ian & The Dream get a bit jaunty with the smoothness of “Steppin’ On My Shoes”. Sonically they begin to move towards lighter territory deeper into the album with the sound getting stripped down a bit. “Wind Up When It’s Done” sounds akin to a long-lost Strokes song if the Strokes held onto their early 2000s cool. On “Fit for a King” the Beach Boys debt is obvious. Incredibly sweet their take on the Beach Boys appears to fit into the same style as latter day Beach Boys fans the High Llamas.

For the finale stretch of the album Ian & the Dream really stretch things out ending things off on two extended tracks. “Redeemable” goes out in a fantastic chaotic finale. On the closer “Aleatoric 9” Ian & the Dream end the collection with a bit of experimentation with heart. “California Cauliflower” is a laid-back album for lazy sunny weekends.


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