Hello there good people of this music loving earth, pleasure to see you all again. Did you all know that the Islamic militant group ISIS bans all music amongst many other things. No wonder they are so angry and violent. I also want to say that I pray that Ferguson, MO can restore peace & order, I hate to see fellow Americans hurting! In the news today, IFPI, the organization that represents the recording industry worldwide, has confirmed that a range of stakeholders from across the music industry are talking about implementing a global release day for new albums and singles by next summer. I always thought we had that for Tuesday, but I may be wrong. In other news today, Sony Music Entertainment announced the launch of its first music flash sales app, Album of the Day, for iPhone and iPod touch. The Album of the Day App allows music fans to access limited-time daily offers from artists they know and love. Like I always say, the more you engage the fans, the better. So before I head out on vacation I wanted to get Jude Gwynaire on here for you all to enjoy. Jude is like a non-stop music maker and his catalog just keeps getting bigger. He he his awesome new album ‘Singing Rock Lake’ out now and I am sure lots more to come. Join us today as Jude opens up about the new album, his other passion for writing, how he relaxes, and so much more!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and are you sad that summer is slowly coming to a close?

I’m currently in the UK, wishing I was abroad! Yes, it’s been a good summer, let’s hope next year is a hot one.

Stoli: Where did you grow up and when did you develop such a passion for music?

I grew up in the UK and started developing a passion for music at the age of 13. I bought a few keyboards around this time and bought my first guitar at the age of 17.

Stoli: You have a massive catalog of music. Do you do music full time or do you work as well?

Yes, I work full time, too. Fitting in my music can be difficult, but the rewards are well worth waiting for.

Stoli: To date what single has been the most popular and well received by your fan base?

Probably ‘Moon Siren’ or ‘Night Flight From Electro City’.

Stoli: You have a new album out ‘Singing Rock Lake.’ Offer us some background on that album and how long were you writing & recording?

Listening Link –

The album ‘Singing Rock Lake’ was recorded over a two month period and was intended to be a shorter, more earthly follow up to my album ‘Captain Salty Takes a Trip’. The album actually contains some of the tracks found on the ‘Salty’ album.

Stoli: You are so creative and visual. What is holding you back from putting out some awesome music videos and what song(s) would you use?

This will definitely be happening soon. Moon Siren is being considered as a real possibility.

Stoli: Besides music you are also a writer. You have one novel available for publication, another in the pipeline, and a script for my film idea, ‘Aliens In My Garden’. Why is important for an artist to diversify and when did you begin to write on such a serious level?

I started writing at the age of 15. Writing books as well as composing is more likely to draw in a wider section of fans.

Stoli: How is writing a script different and also the same as writing a song?

Writing books takes longer, and so is different, in that a piece of music can be written and recorded in few hours. However, they both draw on the same creative forces and so are also similar.

Stoli: The world is in such a violent and chaotic state in many parts. When you think of 5 years from now do feel like people will be better or worse?

Better, I hope.

Stoli: What other interests do you have besides music & writing & how do you like to relax?

I also like to keep fit, watch films and read.

Stoli: What is coming up for Jude Gwynaire and where you @ online?

I have five new albums in the pipeline. I have the artwork completed, so it’s just a matter of finishing the new material and getting it out there. Check out my site at for more details.

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