Northern National, Young & In Love


Northern National’s “Young & In Love” defines the phrase “the importance of being earnest”. Such energetic fully felt songs adorn the collection. The songs work together to create a tapestry of sounds. Each one evolves in its own peculiar way. With a full-fledged committed band working together the group manages to show a lot of heart over the course of the collection, from full-out raucous to quiet gentler acoustic ballads.

The aptly named “Lose Control” kicks things off with passion. Buildup happens remarkably quickly with the chugging rhythm eventually exploding into full force. “She” alternates with this emotion choosing a gentler kinder approach which is emphasized in the lyrics, a quieter moment, and a moment of reflection. Track length certainly helps “Dance With Me Endlessly” that sprawls out nicely revealing the band’s considerable talent. Northern National get a little sad with “I’ll Be Okay (Crazy World)” that displays their worries and their desires. The track has an overwhelming sense of hope of knowing that they are not alone, that there is someone out there worth struggling through life’s little tragedies. On the flipside is the title track which moves at a rapid pace without any doubt whatsoever.

“Gotta Dare” makes things pretty lush with smooth guitars, keyboard, and even a little bit of horns making it one of the collection’s true highlights. Finally the collection ends off with Northern National warming up to the listener with the crispness of “Crazy Now”. “Young & In Love” is an album full of heart.

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