Jelani Lateef, Manhood Talk


Jelani Lateef’s “Manhood Talk” is aural optimism. The rhythm of the piece feels incredibly colorful. Samples are carefully selected and lightly manipulated to fit with the overall positivity that emanates from the sound. Over the course of the piece Jelani Lateef manages to convey the image of someone who is slowly realizing their purpose and how it is slowly giving them peace of mind. When the message is coupled alongside the tempo of the work the entire thing creates a true sense of wonder.

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The way the song focuses on the negative initially yet rises above the disappointment is inspiring. Setbacks are a thing that must be acknowledged and conquered. Judging from the way Jelani Lateef feels he is able to move beyond the momentary issues to look forward into the picture of things. From there he moves onto more local concerns the desire to create positive change in a community. Here Jelani Lateef mentions his ability to take care of the generation.

For the final stretch of the piece the mood appears to relax. Jelani Lateef hits his stride. The slight yet noticeable horn sample helps the thing to move forward for a little bit, giving the song a greater amount of confidence. This is followed up by the last words of the song that manage to fully express the hope that Jelani Lateef has. “Manhood Talk” is a rather caring compassionate track that wants to do the right thing for others.

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