Clouds and Clocks, Aliantha


Clouds and Clocks creates a truly surprisingly piece with “Aliantha”. With many different twists and turns the piece manages to be full of life and full of influences. Many of the sounds are those that otherwise would never meet. The juxtaposition of the varying styles works surprisingly well. Few groups have ever tried merging these many different approaches with any degree of success. However Clouds and Clocks is no ordinary group it is a group aware of balance and employs it with great effect over the course of the piece.

Listen to the full “The Creation of Matter” EP here:

Beginning out with a modern classical / Post-Rock flair a la Rachel’s, the piece evolves gradually. The violin work is incredibly passionate. Keeping things particularly active hints only slightly as what will follow. Drums help add to the tension. Rhythm-wise the thing is rather unstable nearly violent in nature. When the electronics come into the mix the thing gets harsher texturally. Extreme focus on the overall mix ensures that no particular element outshines the violins, which serve as the beating heart of the piece.

The electronics weave themselves into and out of the mix. With the melody kept fully intact throughout the song’s duration the song gains additional power. From the swells in volume and bass frequencies additional drama is layered on top of an already relatively unstable piece. By the time it ends the song has gone full circle. With such a cyclical approach the song feels fully formed.

By Beach Sloth

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