Hello there loyal music enthusiasts of Skope. As we all know by now we lost Robin Williams yesterday. It really got me thinking about various musicians that no matter how talented they were like Robin Williams, just could not fight their demons. It also dawned on me if these demons actually helped them be the creative geniuses they were. In music news, The Australian Government and Australia Council for the Arts last year established the Nashville Songwriter Residency Grant, in an effort to develop and support its creative music community. This year’s recipient is Melbourne singer/songwriter Ben Wright Smith, as announced by program facilitator Mark Moffatt. Congrats to Mark, well deserved. In other news it is a good time to be a British musician. British artists continued to dominate the music landscape last year, a BPI analysis for its 2014 yearbook reveals, accounting for 8 of the UK’s top 10 best-selling artist albums and claiming a 52 per cent share of the albums market overall, the same percentage as in 2012. Now lets get to my amazing guest this week, Devyn Rose. Devyn caught my ears with her smash single ‘Falling 4 U.” This New York beauty of French & Haitian decent is a multi-genre musician with vocals that are contagious. Join us as Devyn Rose speaks on Ebola, social media, the “Falling 4 U” video, and so much more!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and how do you feel that summer is almost over in 1 month?

I actually love the change in weather, so I don’t mind that it is almost over, I am looking forward to the fall!

Stoli: I do not know about you but I am freaked out by Ebola from Africa. Do you worry about things like that or do you just live your life?

For me it’s half and half, if I know about it I would just try to protect myself as much as possible from it and on the other hand, I would just continue to live my life to the fullest and leave things up to God. I’m actually just finding out about Ebola from you – I don’t watch the news much because it’s never anything exciting.

Stoli: Offer us a brief history on how you fell in love with music and developed Devyn Rose?

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of singing and dancing on stage. I started out singing in the gospel choir so originally I had a soulful sound and as far as my image, I felt there was nothing about me that separated me from the rest (I was known as Tanya T6 at the time) – yes, I am my worst critic, but I rather know this then someone tell me , you feel me? lol. I had realized it wasn’t the sound and image for me so I began experimenting with different voices, tones, records, hairstyles and styling and by the time I dropped “Falling 4 U”, I had finally found my image and sound. “Falling 4 U” was basically me showing fans, Devyn Rose has officially arrived! Devyn Rose is a name I had for a while and I said to myself once I find my sound, I will change my name, and that I did! With all that said, I am not officially done yet because I am always learning new things about myself, my talents every day, so who knows what’s to come…my alter ego is one thing to look out for!

Devyn Rose – “Falling 4 U”

Devyn Rose – “Falling 4 U”

Stoli: Who in your life whether family/friends/mentor really pushed & believed in you to pursue music and that you had talent?

When it comes to my career, It’s like a separation between families, like you have your immediate family, then you have your industry family (people you work close with who are like family). In general, I’ve always had a natural passion for music, so no one had to push or pushed me to pursue it – my immediate family never really understood why I did it and I never look to them for support. When it comes to my industry family, I do have people in the music business who believe in me and who I’ve worked with for years like Dame Grease and D-Moet. At the end of the day, when you are choosing a career in entertainment, it’s just better to be around people who understand the grind and really understand you…other people only understand what society says is right which is to go to school and work for someone else for the rest of your life.

Stoli: I just “Liked” you on Facebook. How much time per day do you devote to social media and do you feel like it helps with promotion/marketing?

Thank you, I think it helps with promotion and marketing, however, I hate spam and I’m sure my fans do, so the only time I actually post a promo is if I have a release and I only post about it like once or twice. Other than that, I check in from time to time… I don’t spend much time on it, there is so much more work to do!

Stoli: I love your song “Falling 4 U.” When did you write that song and is it based on real life love?

Thank you – yes I wrote the song and it is based on a feeling that I once had and want to feel again.

Stoli: The video is powerful as well. Who came up with the concept and give us some background on who you worked with on that project?

Thank you – for this video, I worked with director Pete Polyakov and my creative director/stylist Rajé Styles on the concepts. We sat down and came up with ideas that would really portray the meaning of the song. Shooting it was so surreal and natural – the song really put us in this crazy zone…other than that, I loved how it was a small set, just 4 of us in total, it made it super easy to shoot.

Stoli: Offer us some insight into how you write and record music and what kind of mood and setting?

I record 99% of my songs in my studio and take it to a bigger studio for mixing and mastering. When it comes to writing, most of my songs are situations I’ve been through and or things I would like to experience. Writing comes easier for me when I’m zoned out in the lab, I love to vibe out and come up with different concepts, ideas, hooks, etc on the spot.

Stoli: What is an activity that you enjoy when you are not doing music?

I love to dance and drum, so if I am not recording I am practicing!

Stoli: Any advice that you can offer to young women that look up to you about life & pursuing your passions?

Never give up no matter what! Be proud of what you have accomplished and continue to strive towards success.

Stoli: Tell us whats coming up for Devyn Rose and where you @ online?

I am in the lab working on new music, so an EP then an LP is on the way. My official website is


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