Buying CDs and downloading albums is all well and good when you couple it with concert tickets and Hendrix posters, however, sometimes it’s not enough. Film fans get Darth Vader action figures and Harry Potter replica wands as well as DVDs and cinema tickets. Where’s the music fan’s cool stuff. Well, I did a little digging and found some really cool gadgets for music lovers that are relatively inexpensive.

Foot Activated Piano (A la Hanks)

Now, these aren’t exactly new or that techy, however, they are still cool. It’s a floor mat (a bit like those dance mats) that you can then play music on. If you’ve ever seen Tom Hanks’ Big you already know what I’m talking about and chances are you’re already on Amazon looking for one.

Water Jet Speakers (Photo Above)

These are cylindrical speakers that have water jets and lights inside of them. They are pretty groovy, and don’t worry, not that tacky. And if you’re a music purist you can hook them up to your CD player and listen to the physical copy instead of downloading your music. You can even purchase rewritable CD’s so that you can listen to playlists and play them through your new speakers as they sit next to your calendar case on your desk.

Drum Kit Mouse Pad

This is the king of procrastination toys. It’s a mouse pad that has a drum kit on it that makes sounds when tapped. You can tap away to your hearts content channeling your inner Keith Moon or Roger Taylor as you pretend to fill out that spread sheet or finish that last email.

Air Guitar Shirt

The first of two wearable tech. This is for anyone who assumed they’d be Hendrix or Clapton when they grew up and are still a little bitter about the fact that they are a chartered accountant instead. It’s a t-shirt that you wear that has what appears to be a guitar pattern on the front. However, it’s not as simple as that, because then you notice the little amp that is built in. When you strum the neck of this fabric guitar a sound emanates from the amp. That’s right. It’s a t-shirt that doubles as a playable air guitar.

Playable Piano Tie

If we follow the example set by the previous item, it’s not that hard to guess what this does. Not surprisingly, it’s a tie that you can play the piano on. Boom! So, if a meeting ever gets boring, maybe try and entertain your fellow workers with a little ditty. You may be asked to leave, though.

That’ll Hold You

If you’re still looking for more exciting music tech then there’s no pleasing you! There are loads more, however, for those with the inclination to look for them. The more exciting you want, the more you have to pay for. Just be glad with your hobby you won’t have to pay £200 for a lightsaber… Although a £500 life-size Paul McCartney mannequin isn’t too much…`

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