To chart the entirety of musical history and evolution would be a mammoth task that would take up reams of virtual paper. Instead of boring you senseless, I decided to do a concise and to the point history of the more vital progressions and evolutions in our fantastic musical history.

Dylan and the Beatles

I would say that popular music, as we know it today, really started with the Beatles. They were the first pop music movement; an entity that people followed; that people got excited about. They became more than four guys playing instruments, they were one whole; a musical juggernaut. They blasted their way into the lives of millions and remain today the most successful musical act of all time. No exceptions.

Now, everyone has influences and a beginning. For the Beatles that beginning can be largely attributed to Bob Dylan who revolutionised the music industry with albums such as The Free Wheelin’ Bob Dylan and Highway 61 Revisited. He was famous for inventing the modern album and for having the first hit song that came in well over 3 minutes: his 6:13 minute masterpiece, ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ which paved the way for classics such as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘Hey Jude’, and ‘Bat Out of Hell’ by Queen, the Beatles, and Meatloaf respectively; among others.

Live Aid

Music largely affects us on an emotional, personal, and spiritual level, however sometimes it can will the people to change. It can infect the governments and lead to change. An example of this is when Bob Geldof organized Live Aid in 1985: two simultaneous concerts held in London and Philadelphia, with other concerts being held around the globe at the same time, just not directly organized by the Live Aid movement.

Live Aid is the perfect example of how music can really affect us as a single planet and a single population. Music is not just a solitary endeavour, one that finds its way into our hearts and souls, no. It spreads to envelop the whole world.

An Eclectic Mix

Music has evolved greatly since the first Beatles album hit Britain over 50 years ago. There was once a time where you would have to stick to your genre; dress as your subculture; only fraternise with people who had the same music tastes as you. Such terms as Mods, Rockers, Punks, Goths, started flooding the cultural spectrum and although there is still an element of that in the second decade of the 21st century, things are different. Music has grown and now we have such an eclectic mix of genres and artists that one can listen to whatever they want. For instance if you were to put my headphones in and click random, you might well be treated to artists such as: AC/DC, The Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Van Halen, Bob Marley, Patti Smith, Alison Krauss, Bruno Mars, Elvis, Adele, Johnny Cash… you get the picture. Now, people listen to what they want, with no regard for what genre of culture it may have once been a part of.

A New Wave: Tuning Drums, Fingering Chords, Stretching Vocal Muscles

What’s equally exciting to what came before, is what’s to follow. Who knows where music will go. With all the past talents, learning an instrument is easier, what with all the help from previous maestros. Also, the internet is a big source of information. There are pages on how to tune drums or tips on how to play the various chords. The internet is a wealth of knowledge and it’s helping us discover new waves of talent.

The future is bright.

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