Hello there good music loving people of earth, it’s great to be here. I must admit that this Ebola scare has got me freaked out, we are truly living in wild times, but I prefer to think about pleasant topics so back to the music. In music news today, Fred Beteille, Product Manager at YouTube, has been elected Chairman of the Music Business Association (Music Biz) Board of Directors. He replaces outgoing Chairman Rachelle Friedman of J&R Music & Computer World, who retired from the Board during the Music Biz 2014 conference after serving an unprecedented seven terms. We cannot underestimate the power of Youtube in the music biz. In other news,, the leading provider of monetization services for artists and holders of copyrighted Intellectual Property (IP), reported a significant increase in the number of titles it represents on the Billboard Charts, including a recent #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100. This increase is due to new contracts recently signed with top recording studios to expand Rightscorp’s music portfolio. These guys are a must these days for sure. Now if you were to say that Stoli has a crush on my guest today you would be correct. But Kerrissa Maclean is a young, ambitious, and very talented upcoming pop star. Kerrissa is not afraid to express herself with songs like “Imma Strip” & “Back Seat Of My Car.” Join us as Kerrissa Maclean speaks on her love for pop music, being a beautiful and sexy female artist, using Youtube for music, and so much more!

Stoli: You are the total package. What drew you to pursue music and when did you start writing songs?

Thank you! Music has inspired me since day one. Spice Girls were my biggest influence before Britney Spears and as I got older – Lady Gaga! I have made a lot of home videos imitating Britney when I was about 8-11 years old! “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and I felt joy performing in those home videos and also putting on mini concerts in my front yard. I was known around town as the little girl performing on the grass all the time! I started writing songs when I was about seven. =D

Listen –

Stoli: You are so young and yet so ambitious & passionate. How do you relate how you were raised to making you the person you are today?

My parents and family are very, very supportive, which makes it very easy to keep chasing my dream. My parents are both into all types on genres of music which makes me respect the different type of music out there. How about your interest in program like Garage band that you taught yourself. How about the introduction to karaoke when you were just starting school?

Stoli: You have been putting out music since 2010. Do you feel like in the digital age it is more about singles as opposed to full albums?

I do feel singles are the way to go these days. People are really only into HIT songs. I find lots of artists these days really only made 1-2 music videos out of their whole album rather than the typical 4 or 5 for a whole album.

Stoli: How have you matured over the past 4+ years as a young woman and how has that translated into your music?

Great question! I matured a lot these past 4 years. Musically I’ve developed a keener ear for finding the best beats and developing catchy sound when mixing my own music. I am not so concerned with those who trash ‘n bash someone who is passionate about their music. My look has also changed. I’ve found myself much more comfortable in my own skin too – with who I am as the young woman – not the teenage girl I was four years ago. I stay true myself and my music – and how all that affects me and my fans more importantly. I am also very comfortable performing on stage with the freedom to be expressive and I hope that other young women relate to that.

Stoli: I am feeling your single “Love Drunk.” When did you write that single and who did the instrumentals?

I wrote that song last year in March. I am re-releasing “Love Drunk” which will have a different sound to as for I NOW have better recording equipment and a old friend is helping with the mixing and mastering side of things. The producer for that song is MavrickPopBeats. He is personally one of my fave beat producers!

Stoli: As a beautiful and sexy female artist, how much of your sexuality are you willing to expose?

I have become very comfortable with myself as a young woman and my sexuality that has developed over the years. There is a difference between “Sexy & Trashy”. Sexy is the way to go.

Stoli: Being that you reside in Canada, when will you bring your show south to the USA and is that important to you?

I TOTALLY WANT TO TOUR THE U.S.!! Its 100% on my need, want and bucket list! It’s all about funds, timing and making the right contacts. As with every artist – it takes funds to travel – so I am looking into saving and applying to other funding that may be available to aspiring artists. I hope by next spring I am in a position to lay out a plan to tour Canada and US. Fingers crossed! (; (;

Stoli: When you are enjoying music, do you buy downloads or are you more into streaming?

I’m on both ends for that one! I usually download my faves for my gym playlist. But I do mostly stream! Thank you YOUTUBE!!! <3 – Data. Running. Low. Lol.

Stoli: What is coming up for Kerrissa MacLean and where are you @ online?

New exciting things coming! New FULL length album, new music video(s), performances, etc! Really just focusing on perfecting everything rather than getting overly excited and having to share it with the world RIGHT NOW! Lol. You can give me a shout on:

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