Some believe Industrial music is a dying genre, but those naysayers will be proven wrong if JUSTIN SYMBOL, the newest face of the NYC alternative club scene (and self-proclaimed “King of Negativity”), has anything to say about it.

New York City’s own JUSTIN SYMBOL is breathing new life into the genre, embracing the classic 90s Industrial Rock aesthetic while simultaneously adding new elements from the modern EDM landscape. With the new nine-track album V Ω I D H E A D, the band sets an exciting template for the future of electronic music. Joined by the exotic synth of Arabian keytarist Baba Yaga and the crash landings of veteran electro-punk drummer Joe Livingston, JUSTIN SYMBOL’s V Ω I D H E A D combines the violent horror theatrics of Rob Zombie, the shape shifting glam and glitz of David Bowie, and the Dadaist electronic experimentation of Throbbing Gristle.


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