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Having cut her teeth with multiple of stepping stone life experiences Roxanna has been turning people’s heads and ears. Ultimately, it was the relative of a hospital patient who asked why she wasn’t pursuing entertainment professionally—and offered the missing ingredient: financial backing. Roxanna then contacted producer Portmann and sang Aguilera’s “Lift Me Up.” In a moment, their bond was sealed. Now, two years later, “Exotica” is ready for the world. “I look at this experience like cooking a delicious meal. It takes time for everything to come together just right. I can’t wait to share my songs as a testament that time has a way of healing everything. When you find the strength to make a change, love and forgiveness and healing are around the corner.” I honestly can’t think of a better time than now to unleash the kind of classic retro style of Jazzy-pop music to the world. Having listened to the radio today – most would agree it’s time for something different – even if it goes back in time. This latest 13 song release called “Exotica” is outfitted with a distinctly familiar 80’s style Pop feel with a modern flair that takes no prisoners. The Roxanna sound, personality just gives the music credible bulk and authenticity. Make no mistake – she is very passionate and a little spicy hence the title. Her airy vocal style and dreamy pop landscape backed by a non-urgent crack of the drum/bass tandems gives perfect dimension to the openers like, “Only You”, “Close Your Eyes” and “Unforgotten.” Close Your Eyes” – is a very marketable tune that takes its time to build but when it peaks it is an immediate transport to days past, and a welcome one at that. Radically following is the title track which opens with a methodical intro and then transforms into something delicious. There’s even a guest appearance by Chris Botti on Trumpet. I could defiantly hear some of these songs in a James Bond flick. Keeping it real with the next track “El Amor” and the amazing “The Air That I Breathe”. Many of these tracks have a classical pop feel and hooks in all the right places and could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with Leona Lewis, Paloma Faith, Natasha Bedingfiled and Celine Dion. All 13 tracks really shine the brightest in the realm of modern pop. Coming full circle with influence from the past and modern day musical mentality. Exotica inspired my soul like some of the aforementioned artists not so much in likeness but more like in a thrumming of the heart, as a perfectly wrought pop song should be able to do.

Roxanna has not taken her experiences in life lightly, nor is this latest effort a heavy-handed grasp at recapturing glory days of 80’s pop. For those in the immediate Vancouver area who might be able to catch her live this is a great way to hear some home-bred music by some talented behind the scenes folks, and for those in any other city this is a great artist to try to model after. If you want to start a band go this direction – inspired by a real powerful story. In a world where corporate is king and cheesy music gets product top dollar product it’s nice to see a real artists like Roxanna make her mark. With a well-trained ear for what brought them to my ears in the first place Roxanna has given us 13 hot new tracks to chew on and offered the world a classic “high class” glimpse of this amazing style of music. There is something to be said for good pop via a CD like “Exotica.” We can only hope that there is much more where this came from.

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Rating: 5/5 Stars

By Terry Simpson. Approved by Mindy McCall
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