Sarantos, I Love To Love You Too


Europop drenched in auto-tune right here. Sarantos’ ‘I Love To Love You Too’ is enigmatic and curious.

On first listen, it comes across as naive, but as things unfold, the track reveals itself to be more overly earnest in its efforts. On the face of it, ‘I Love To Love You Too’ is a straightforward pop disco tune, but on closer inspection there are a number of stylistic methods that Sarantos has put in place to make the track stand out. His use of auto tune could easily be accused of being outdated by now, but here is is used as a clear aesthetic decision in the song’s production, and actually pays off on the more spoken sections, creating some strange and unusual effects that keep the song interesting. The vocals at points lean towards the tone of Atari Teenage Riot’s Alec Empire, although the mood here is considerably less confrontational.


“I Love To Love You Too”

It’s not going to be to everyone’s taste, but then that could be said about most music, and ‘I Love To Love You Too’ is sure to satisfy plenty of pop aficionados out there. Sarantos is on a noble cause to raise money for charity through his work as a musician, an attitude to be commended as he continues to put out more music in the future.

By Chris Marsh


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