Billy Ray Deiz, “Rather Have Sooner”


Laced with woozy tremolo and everything you would expect from smooth country tinged soul, Billy Ray Deiz’s ‘Rather Have Sooner’ lets loose the big guns.

It’s all here; swaggering saxophones, snappy funk guitars, and vocals that balance melancholy with a cheeriness that makes the track sunny and uplifting. With funk like this, it’s impossible not to nod your head at least at some point during the track’s just-under-five-minute runtime.

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Let’s face it, there’s so much music out there that takes itself so seriously, and sometimes you just want to let your hair down and listen to something that ignored all the worries of the day and just offers the opportunity to enjoy music for what it is – a series of sounds and tones designed to evoke a feeling. And ‘Rather Have Sooner’ manages to do that perfectly, with Jim Hoke’s delicious tenor sax lines that play out as the track pootles its way towards its concluding outtro.

Billy Ray Deiz “Rather Have Sooner” Audio Video

Billy Ray Deiz’s track is one of those reminders to get back out and listen to some home grown live music from the local bands we all know and love, because no matter how much we enjoy listening to music at home or on our iPods, it’s always worth checking out performances from the artists that move us. ‘Rather Have Sooner’ is one such track that has all the potential to do that moving.

By Chris Marsh

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