Xavier Toscano, Feel So Good


Taking cues from Bruno Mars and throwing in a huge sprinkling of electro pop, Xavier Toscano’s new album Feel So Good is a party album full of bright lights and vibrant colours.

Opening with ‘Never Wanna Leave’, Toscano’s style is shown to be upbeat and playful from the start, leading into ‘The Remedy (Feel Alright)’ which pulses with a hard beat and uses classic dance tones that throb and undulate throughout the track. ‘Apologies Wasted’ comes across as a David Guetta/Britney Spears mashup, with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in, including the now expected ‘woah woah woahs’ and pitting the rhythm section against the layered synths as they play out in a back and forth fashion on the on and off beat.

Listen – http://www.xaviertoscano.com/#music

‘Castles In The Sky’ is a calmer ballad that features a piano part straight out of ‘Let It Be’, and plays out the chord sequence for more or less the entire run of the track, swelling with some strings at the song’s end, while ‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)’ is a straight up cover of the 1978 Sylvester track laced with some hyperactive, modern beats and synths.

‘Make It Look Easy’ is more layered, blending a variety of styles including dance and dubstep, and tastefully anoints the vocal with some autotune that adds to the track’s aesthetic.
With Feel So Good, Xavier Toscano has unleashed a selection of fresh tracks that will liven up any party playlist.


By Chris Marsh

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