Farewell, Manchester, ‘Found’


Perfect pop in the style of Owl City and the Killers right here from Farewell, Manchester.

Opening with title track ‘Found’, the sound of Farewell, Manchester might not be the most original but it is delivered in a way that comes across as caring about the place it comes from. Making use of the aforementioned Owl City’s distinctive auto tune as a key part of Farewell, Manchester’s aesthetic, there are vocal chops to be found here too, amongst the trebly piano riffs and run alongside the synth chord sequence.


‘Is This Love’ sets things up with a straight ahead beat that hints at a big, engaging chorus. In the end, it doesn’t quite arrive in the way that you might feel led to expect, although on returning to the chorus the arrangement steps up a notch. As a result, the track works more like an upward spiral, adding and developing as it progresses.

‘The Only Place’ heads into rockier territory, with some slamming distorted guitar and a riff touched with delay that ripples underneath the track. The pre chorus is a curious moment, sounding like something off an obscure late 90s 4AD release. ‘When It’s Over’ is a more delicate and thoughtful track with its glacial guitar notes and Snow Patrol style vocals, while Found‘s closing track ‘When You Fall Asleep’ ends the EP in much the same way it started with another straight ahead beat. As things come to their conclusion, there is a welcome key change that helps to boost the interest meter and leaves us with five tracks of power pop ringing in our ears.

By Chris Marsh

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