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itsDICE has just released the new video “What It Is” from his new mixtape “Philosophy”. Shot and directed by Muds One, the video is simple, tasteful, and shows off itsDICE’s real character. Set to the backround of the Los Angeles streets, this video will have you pressing “replay” over and over.

Hip Hop over the years has become an evermore increasingly saturated market making it extremely difficult for new independent artists to make a name for themselves and stand out within the industry, this is exactly what artistic hip-hop persona ‘itsDICE’ has managed to achieve with his unique lyrics and commitment to active social media.

‘itsDICE’ from Los Angeles, Harbor Area, is a unique artist who differentiates himself through his lyrical content by referring to his unusual past and dealing with various personal issues such as coming from a broken home in the violent streets of Los Angeles, alcoholism, gang warfare and manic depression. ‘itsDice’ not only portrays the darker pain and humility of these issues but also the comedic aspects making his material very unique and universal.

‘itsDICE’ portrays positive messages to his audience through his cleverly constructed mix tapes leading the listeners to believe that there is always a sense of hope. ‘itsDICE’ Is definitely the one to watch this summer as he progresses his career in the independent industry and continues to develop his unique artistic hip-hop persona.

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